MidAm Race Series

The Mid-America Series is the pre­mier series within the USSA Cen­tral Division.

The Mid-Am series is scored and seeded under FIS rules. To be con­sid­ered for Mid-Am Event selec­tion, an ath­lete must have an FIS License. The clos­ing dates for appli­ca­tion are well in advance of the race dates. Any USSA Region 2 racer who hopes to be selected for Mid-Am races should apply dur­ing the sum­mer months for the low­est cost license fee. See the USSA web­site for FIS license appli­ca­tions and clos­ing dates.

Mid Am regional quota selec­tions are posted no later than the Sun­day before the first team captain’s meet­ing of the Mid Am event. Selec­tions are made based on FIS and national points as pub­lished in the cur­rent point list at the time of selec­tion using the cur­rent ITS method, as out­lined in the cur­rent USSA Com­pe­ti­tion Guide.

A cer­tain num­ber of Mid-Am start­ing posi­tions, or “auto­matic” selec­tions, are reserved for the top rac­ers in the Cen­tral Divi­sion. These rac­ers are not included in the regional quo­tas. Any USSA Region 2 racer who declines an auto­matic invi­ta­tion gives up the right to be selected as part of the USSA Region 2 quota. The 2014–15 MidAm Auto­mat­ics list is avail­able using this [SOON]

Once the list of USSA Region 2 Selec­tions are posted, each ath­lete on that list will be con­tacted via the email they pro­vided dur­ing this season’s reg­is­tra­tion. The ath­lete and his/her par­ents should know if they would be able to attend the Mid Am when the selec­tions are announced. Each ath­lete is required to respond to the USSA Region Race Admin­is­tra­tion to indi­cate YES or NO of their intent to attend.

At this time, ALL reg­is­tered Region 2 FIS ath­letes are eli­gi­ble to com­pete in regional MidAm events and should plan to attend. No selec­tion list will be pub­lished until fur­ther notice.

Selec­tion ath­letes respond­ing YES will be given addi­tional instruc­tions to final­ize their entry in the spe­cific event.

Top U16 Invites to MidAm

The top cen­tral divi­sion U16s are invited to par­tic­i­pate in the USSA GS events at our Mid Am’s. They are also invited to par­tic­i­pate in addi­tional train­ing and fore­run­ning dur­ing the FIS slalom events.

The  pro­ce­dure is to select the top 3 GS ranked ath­letes from each Region.
Addi­tion­ally, any­one not yet named that is in the top 10 Cen­tral GS over­all for those YOB is also invited.  The list does not go any fur­ther if any of those pull.

You can do the sort via the rank­ings viewer on your myussa account using the fil­ters.
GS List 5 Top 100 by points/score/central/1999,2000

The cur­rent top 10 U16s based on List 0- R2 Invi­tees in BOLD


Please note — All USSA FIS-Age ath­letes may com­pete in MidAm GS Events! The GS events do not require a FIS license nor is there a list of selected ath­letes.

Any FIS-Age Cen­tral ath­letes (U18+) that just have a cur­rent USSA license may com­pete in the Cen­tral MidAm USSA GS events. A FIS license is not required.